I’m an independent marketing professional providing marketing and communications support to SMEs with a particular focus on those in the environmental sector or those developing sustainable services.

I team up with likeminded associates enabling me to focus on my areas of strength whilst delivering a broad set of quality services that meet clients’ requirements with one point of contact.

Why choose us?

Practical solutions

Our focus is on achieving your objectives. We identify the best ways to meet those within your budgets, timeframes and resource constraints. Our marketing is for purpose, not just for show.


We are all qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge in our areas of expertise. We use this experience, your in-house knowledge and call on each other as associates to understand problems and provide the best solutions.

Flexible delivery

We know that situations change, opportunities and different priorities crop up last minute. We are flexible in how, when and where we work, and our clients know they can call on us whenever needed.

Relationship driven

We know that the best results come from working closely with our clients, each other and our wider suppliers. We build strong relationships which not only help us collectively achieve results but also enjoy doing so.

Fair and honest

We work hard to deliver the results you want and charge a fair price for what we do. We are open and honest in our relationships, our marketing and how we do business.

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