In this day and age, content is king – the global spend on content marketing has increased by over 250% in ten years – but we don’t produce content for content’s sake. For us, the key to our content marketing is having a clear purpose, understanding the audience, producing meaningful content, sharing this through relevant channels and measuring results.

Having a clear purpose

We will work with you to define your content strategy to ensure your content marketing delivers the right results – whether that’s to drive action (for example web visits, sales enquiries or conversions, customer loyalty), reinforce brand values, demonstrate knowledge leadership or a combination of these.

Understanding your audience

We will work with you to build an understanding of your audience for example what characteristics define them, how do they find out about new information, how would they want to engage with you. We will then use this information to produce tailored content and share this through the channels that your audience uses.

Content generation

Our extensive experience has seen us generating a wide range of content for many different audiences. Whilst this content is often copy based – white papers, knowledge guides and articles – we also produce videos, arrange photography, design infographics and other imagery – to ensure the content resonates with your target audience. Read more about our copwriting and design services.

Content dissemination

Once we have the right content, we will help you share this with your target audience through the most appropriate media. We always make the most of your own channels including your website, social media and direct mail. We will also explore opportunities to share through third parties including industry media and other organisations targeting the same audience.

Measuring results

We will work with you to define the relevant metrics and measure results, looking at each marketing activity as well as the impact on your business to ensure your content marketing delivers the right results.