On both a personal and professional level, we have a particular interest in sustainability and the consideration of social and environmental impacts of business alongside financial ones. Whether you are looking to communicate what you are already doing, develop better ways of working or transform your business, we can help you take the next steps in becoming a more sustainable business.

Identify opportunities

We can help you to identify commercially viable opportunities in your marketplace, looking at what your customers might value, what competences you have, what your competitors are doing, what funding and partnering opportunities might be available.

Evaluate social, environmental and financial impacts

We can work with you to model the impacts of your existing or proposed activities whether that’s carbon, waste or water footprints, costs and profitability or community benefits.

Implement changes

We can help you make changes to become a more responsible business whether that is initiatives to reduce your waste, water or energy consumption, building community partnerships or developing a circular economy business model.

Share good practices

We have extensive experience in developing messaging and communicating around remanufacturing, reuse and recycling, local community and employee schemes, and the benefits of the circular economy. We can help to share your good practices with your customers, staff, industry peers and other audiences in a responsible, accurate and positive way.