Environment Media Group


Nicki worked with us to define our research requirements, potential target audience and advertisers. She very efficiently carried out some research which helped us understand the market we wanted to move into and the viability of this new venture, her support was invaluable.
Rob Mowat, Director, Environment Media Group

The requirement

Environment Media Group (EMG) specialises in publishing, events and design for the environmental sector and manages the highly successful recycling and waste management news website, Let’s Recycle.

EMG believed that there was a gap in the market for a dedicated website about air quality in the UK covering pollution, emissions and noise and their effect on public health, transport, climate change, bio-diversity and other environmental issues. EMG was seeking clarification that there was a potential advertising market to finance the operation.

The solution

I worked with EMG to define potential target audiences for both readership and advertising. I carried out desk research into existing media in the sector, defining their audiences, strengths and any opportunities or threats they might pose to EMG’s proposed website.

I then identified individual prospective advertisers, set up and carried out phone interviews with a wide range to establish their current sources of information and their advertising potential.

The outcomes

I produced a thorough report outlining the objectives of the project, the research carried out and my overall findings, recommending the next steps for EMG to take before finalising their decision.

Following the research and further market analysis, EMG launched Air Quality News, providing a free online service delivering news, updates on legislation, tender and job opportunities whilst being self-funded by advertising revenue.

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